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Our own original IPs we've made.

From minigames to fast paced adrenaline fueled madness!


Need a part of your business gamified?

From Airduct exploration to Teambuilding activities, we can make a project just for you!

Metro Warriors

Enter the arenas with your disc in hand and take down your opponents to be the last warrior standing!


Air Investigation Drone

A virtual reality experience that takes you on board a drone in the heart of an air duct. You have to identify hazards in places usually inaccessible to humans.

Bull On A China Pot

Help this peculiar bull keep his glass organs intact as it balances on some fine china. Maybe enjoy some Tea Time for double points as you reach for a high score!

Honey I Shrunk My Boss

Oh no! You've accidentally shrunk your boss in a magical accident. can you work together solving puzzles using the clues in their notebooks?

Theatre Of Conflict

Jump and smash your way to a high score! With the help of our bouncy Jester and incredible Strongman you'll overcome hoards of obstacles in this carnival with no breaks.

A Puzzling heist

Infiltrate a Victorian mansion and steal as much treasure as possible. But wait, you'll need the help of your colleagues outside to make sure you don't grab any counterfeits!

Who is FaceFirst Games?

FaceFirst Games is a Belgian based studio created by 3 highly motivated, slightly crazy people.

After an incubator program filled with intense game development a team was assembled. Wanting to make unique games and provide adrenaline fueled madness.

Our goal is to crash face first into the chaos that is the game industry providing quick, intense yet satisfying games.

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